Passenger from fatal Colorado River boat crash says she's 'lucky to be alive'

Taylor Corbino described the “horrific” head-on collision that left her underwater to the point where she said “I couldn’t hold my breath anymore.” Video Rating: / 5 Authorities say two men are dead and one woman is in critical condition after a boat crash on Lake Havasu Saturday. Video Rating: … Continue reading

NBC Nightly News – Dan Wheldon’s fatal crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

5 laps at the Vegas Speedway – Exotic Racing. I did 5 laps each in a GT-R and Gallardo. Why would anyone decide to pay *way* more money for the Lambo than a GT-R, I have no idea. It’s true, the Lambo is nice. But driving-wise, no comparison to the … Continue reading


SGT. RICHARD STRADER GIVES A BRIEFING ON A FATAL MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT. Video Rating: / 5 In Feb 1999 Robbie Knievel jumped from one building to another off Las Vegas Blvd. in a nationally televised special for Fox TV. Promoted as “Robbie Knievel Building-to-Building Death Jump Live”, this is footage that … Continue reading