Inside An Army Research Lab Racing To Create A Coronavirus Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

Inside Army Lab Looking For Corona Cure

NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez visits the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, where scientists are racing to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. It’s one of many efforts – both public and private – around the globe to address this public health crisis.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch … Continue reading


We went to a great event put on by Family to Family connections of Las vegas….we got to go inside of a hot air balloon and climb in big trucks!……and then I was a slacker and didn’t film again until Sunday afternoon. ;-P Previous Vlog: Christy’s Mommy channel: … Continue reading

King Tut’s Tomb, Inside (Las Vegas Natural History Museum)

Inside King Tut’s Tomb ( Egyptian recreation) at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. What do you see? Wonderful things. King Tut’s original name, Tutankhaten, means ‘Living Image of Aten’, while Tutankhamun means ‘Living Image of Amun’. Ancient Egypt. Great Pyramid of Giza. This is high definition [HD] video footage … Continue reading

Finding a Rare Mucker, Fallout Shelter Supplies, and Having a Blackout Inside the Silver Reef Mine

The Nevada desert has some hidden, abandoned gold mines that are full of treasures. I found one such mine when I discovered the Silver Reef Mine tucked up in a remote canyon. Inside its labyrinth of tunnels and levels, I found many artifacts including an ultra-rare, functional mucker still on … Continue reading