Knife Making: Nakiri Japanese Knife DIY

Nakiri Japanese Knife

Another Japanese Chef’s knife! This shape is inspired by Nakiri knives typical Japanese-style vegetable knife but with a western full tang construction and a general utility bevel geometry. The steel is 02 high carbon. The handle is made of ebony and teak (or oak, not sure) both aged well by … Continue reading

Basic Knife Making Tools – Part 1of 3 of a YouTube knife making class

Official Simple Little Life video of basic knife making tools – part 1 of 3. This video is part 1 of a 3 part series that I’ve started on making a knife by hand from scratch. If you have always wanted to make a knife, but haven’t really known where … Continue reading

Knife Making – Forging Scalpel Style Knife

Forging small scalpel style knife out from piece of scrap carbon steel, lefted from my previous knife project and brass handle scales. There I try to show all steps involved in this video. ———————————————————————————————- If you like video – ‘Knife Making – Forging Scalpel Style Knife’ Subscribe on my channel … Continue reading

Why Can’t YOU Get Into Knife Making???

The question is why cant you get into knife making?? In this video, we are forging a simple railroad spike knife. We are using our new propane forge from our previous video. A train spike doesn’t make the best knife steel; however, they look rather pleasing, so we decided to … Continue reading

미니 버터플라이 칼 만들기 / Knife Making – MINI Butterfly Knife (balisong)

지화자입니다 구독과 좋아요~감사합니다 유튜브 인스타그램 블로그 버려진 하이스강 똥가리와 버려진 쇠톱날을 이용해서 발리송나이프를 만들어 보아요 M2 하이스강 핸들 쇠톱,, 캔버스마이카르타 전체길이 130 날길이 55 제작은 제조허가를 득하고 제작을 하고있습니다. 관계기관에 허가없이 칼을 만드는건 불법입니다. 따라하시면 관계법에 의해 처벌받을수있습니다. To take a break from guitar making I decided … Continue reading

Knife Making – Forbidden Dagger

Facebook page Here is how I made an unusual dagger Thanks to Jenny who let me borrow her camera to use! Jarmo is a Finnish hobbiest knife making enthusiastic living close to my area. Got familier with him and his works a year ago. He makes among others some … Continue reading

P1 Making Resident Evil 4 LEON KNIFE

Knife-NOT FOR SALE INSTAGRAM- GOOGLE PLUS- SNAPCHAT- slav_20 STEEL New Jersey Steel Baron 5/32 inch O1 Tool steel TOOLS Carbide scribe Bessey Vise Dewalt Drill Dewalt Grinder American Vermont Drill bits Milwaukee Band Saw Craftsman 2×42 Belt Sander Nicholson files Needle files Calipers Bronze Center punch Shop Fox … Continue reading