Most Wanted Virgin River Casino In Mesquite, Nevada July 30 Through August 3 Scott Grove

Just some yacking, a little view around the casino and stage. Plus, a few little clips of the band. Enjoy. Most Wanted: Derrek Adams: Drums, Vocals Leslie Adams: Fiddle, Keyboards, Vocals Phil Moore: Bass, Vocals Scott Grove: Guitars, Vocals Drop By My Site For FREE Lessons Here: Check … Continue reading

Gold Butte / Little Finland Mesquite, Nevada

[youtube] Gold Butte / Little Finland Mesquite, Nevada May 4, 2014 I-15 to Riverside drive turn off. Little Finland (Hob goblin’s, Devil’s Fire) is a place where sculpted red sandstone rock into fantastical shapes. Devil’s Throat is a large limestone cave that collapsed, leaving a huge sink hole in … Continue reading