Sad News, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Cancer-Stricken Wife Beth Cries In Shocking Hospital Photos!

Beth Chapman’s cancer has returned. According to their family attorney, the 51-year-old wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter underwent surgery on Tuesday morning to treat a “life-threatening” mass in her throat. There, Andrew Brettler tells E! News in a statement, doctors discovered something no patient ever wants to hear. #BethChapman … Continue reading

KUSI News with Flagship on San Diego’s Embarcadero

Roy Robertson of KUSI News in San Diego joins Tim Rongley, Flagship’s Director of Marketing along San Diego’s Embarcadero ( Flagship Cruises & Events is a local, family-owned and operated yacht charter, cruise and events company serving San Diego since 1915. We specialize in gourmet dinner cruises, harbor tours, patriot … Continue reading

Killer Whale encounter whilst kayak fishing Eyemouth. As seen on ITV news but unedited full footage.

My apologies first for my language, but when you have just cleaned a big catch of fish, are sitting in a 13 foot plastic kayak, and you see the world largest apex predator heading towards you it does cause some concern! I also included footage of a porpoise I saw … Continue reading