Life changing moments metal detecting beach nuggets rings tips

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Gold Nuggets for sale

Gold Nuggets for sale. Natural gold nuggets for sale at: Alaskan gold nuggets, California gold nuggets, Arizona gold nuggets. To view our large selection of real California and Arizona gold nuggets visit our site at: Also, to stay up to date with the latest gold prospecting news and … Continue reading

You wont believe the size of the gold nuggets this kid finds. Area 51

Massive gold nugget patch found in “Area 51” Nevada. While doing a little gold hunting in Nevada, Jake hits a patch of thick and chunky gold nuggets. This was his first time out nugget shooting, and he did very well. Just look at his face, after he finds the first … Continue reading

Minelab GPZ 7000, GPX 5000, Minelab CTX 3030 and the XP Deus for gold nuggets, coins and relics

This is Rye Patch Ron’s Channel will have videos of the minelab GPZ 7000, GPX 5000, ctx 3030 and XP DEUS some live digs while metal detecting in Idaho, Nevada and Oregon. I hunt for gold nuggets, old coins and relics. Most videos are not edited are showing the coins … Continue reading