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eGarage visited the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas and, in between shaking hands and kissing babies, collected some brief snippets from this awesomely overwhelming show. Any car enthusiast or industry professional owes it to him/herself to attend. Track: Slumberjacks – Rock U Tonite (Remix) SUBSCRIBE: About eGarage: eGarage … Continue reading

Las Vegas Events: SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Events Here’s me on Facebook! Photos of Vegas! Here’s me on Twitter! The SEMA Show came to Las Vegas early in the month of November at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As far as Las Vegas events go, this is one of the biggest … Continue reading

SEMA 2015: Honda Civic 2017 é revelado em Las Vegas

Nem só de carros customizados vive o SEMA, o salão de acessórios foi o local escolhido pela Honda para expor o Civic 2017 pela primeira vez ao público. A nova geração do modelo deve chegar ao Brasil no ano que vem. Quer saber mais? Então entre em O iCarros … Continue reading


Here is a compilation of some of the turbo’ed vehicles I saw at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. royalty free music by youtube creator tools. Video Rating: / 5 The first SEMA update, shaving the door handles on the Supercharged Dodge Magnum that will be featured in the SEMA … Continue reading