Goldfield to Tonopah Nevada Road Tour of Hwy 95 This Road Tour of hwy 95 between Goldfield and Tonopah Nevada reveals lost treasures, ghost towns, an old stagecoach route and the old railroad grade of the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad. A real step back in history. Video Rating: / 5 How to find sunstones! Where to find … Continue reading

Tonopah Nevada Town Tour Learn about what businesses, hotels, museums, restaurants they have here along with what there is to see and do, like treasure hunting, exploring ghost towns and the off road trails are some of the best anywhere. This video is perfect for the traveler who’s planning a trip from … Continue reading

Tonopah trip as a Family 2014 Metal Detecting, Coin hunting, Sifting/screening, Trade Tokens

Family Trip to the Tonopah City Dump, Rachel, Nevada, and other ghost towns Video Rating: / 5 Gerry and his professional staff members are out metal detecting the Northern Nevada gold fields and putting some hours on the new Minelab GPZ-7000’s. Spencer digs down and pulls out a really deep … Continue reading