Vanlife Vlog 019 – Lake Havasu Balloon Festival & Laundry

hot air balloons lake havasu 2020

Went to the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival and did some laundry! Hi! My name is Karli and I love to travel! I didn’t go to college but have instead saved up for different travel adventures. I am currently on the road living in my 1994 Dodge Ram Van! I love … Continue reading

VLOGGING Do's & Don'ts – How to start a Vlog | SwenkToday #89

What I learned about VLOGGING in season #1 of over 89 vlogs. Here are my top 10 VLOGGING TIPS: 1. Just start vlogging 2. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself. Use your own vlog ideas. 3. Don’t create an episode that doesn’t offer any value or entertainment if … Continue reading

How To Vlog In Public — 5 Tips for Vlogging in Public

For more tips for vlogging and public and getting more views, download the free guide “7 Mistakes Vloggers Make” here: In this video we share 5 tips for vlogging in public. If you are wondering how to vlog in public with confidence, check out this video! Subscribe to Video … Continue reading


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How To Vlog

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