What is Vlogging ????

This video was created from a very little research we did on the subject ! So there are more fascinating channels and creators you to explore ! Footages used for this video are from the following amazing channels, “ Channel Intro & GIVEWAY! “ – KaluMalli ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPmBwGE8uDc&t=1s ) “ … Continue reading

VLOGGING Do's & Don'ts – How to start a Vlog | SwenkToday #89

What I learned about VLOGGING in season #1 of over 89 vlogs. Here are my top 10 VLOGGING TIPS: 1. Just start vlogging 2. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself. Use your own vlog ideas. 3. Don’t create an episode that doesn’t offer any value or entertainment if … Continue reading


IS THIS VLOGGING? Trying to document grad school one YouTube video at a time, from lab equipment to genetics lessons to interviews with other students! Each week is a new view into life as a grad student, and the rollercoaster that is getting a PhD. Twitter: @AlexDainis Instagram: Alex.Dainis Facebook: … Continue reading