Preppers called 'crazy' now expect to sell out their West Virginia survivalist compound | FOX 5 DC

People referred to these “doomsday preppers” as crazy, now the Chief Operations Officer of a survivalist compound in West Virginia tells FOX 5 they are expecting to sell-out in membership by the end of next month. FULL STORY: Subscribe to our channel for the latest breaking news, weather, sports … Continue reading

Gold Nugget found in Utah’s West Desert

In this episode we head out to Utah’s west desert. There has been lots of talk about this particular area an we had to see what all the hype was about. We had minimal success digging where everyone else was, so we started prospecting our own places and that’s when … Continue reading

Mining the New American West

For centuries the American West has been the realm of cowboys, miners and frontiersman. Since 1872 mining companies have been reaping the benefit of an antiquated law allowing mining companies to purchase land at bargain prices, such as the recent acquisition of an entire mountain for only 875 dollars. Wild … Continue reading