The Science Of Yoga


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Made for the Yoga Day Summit, produced by The Shift Network at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, India during the International Yoga Festival 2016.
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Yoga and its connection to mental health | Nikolai Blinow | TEDxSalveReginaU

Verbalizing the similarities between yoga philosophy and evidence-based, Western mental health practices. Identifying mindless-based yoga practice that can be utilizes in mental health treatment to enhance cognitive change and a mindfulness-based yoga practice that can be utilized to enhance behavioral change.

Nikolai Blinow is a certified yoga instructor and licensed mental health counselor in the state of Rhode Island. She founded OMpowerment Psychotherapy with the goal of serving a unique niche in the mental health and personal development community. Nikolai integrates research-based Westernized, mental health practices with holistic approaches to treatment and does this by combining training in interpersonal communications and mental health counseling with yoga and mindfulness practices.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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    29 Responses to The Science Of Yoga

    1. tom kapa says:

      The only thing yoga is good for is those pants and those asses

    2. croyland says:

      Insightful presentation. Well done!

    3. Super says:

      Sanathana Dharma one of oldest 'Way of Life' has contributed and still contributing for humanity in many forms ( Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, ZERO,. etc) Practice, enrich and explore Sanathana Dharma !

    4. Richard Harding says:

      excellent video could not agree more!

    5. AnimatedV says:

      doesn't matter what we focus on? hmmm

    6. Debbie R says:

      Jesus would have been a master yogi teacher if this practice brought ones soul closer to God.. Never once did he remotely teach such a practice because it leads one away from our creator, God and Jesus his son. Yogi is all about self. God is all about others.
      God is not a religion. He is a spirit who lives in the realm of perfectness trying to get his creation to follow but many are sadly lost due to wrong beliefs and teachings.
      Jesus came to restore the path back to God and once you truly experience God thru Jesus you understand his purpose for us in this life. One then goes from darkness into light and is able to as Jesus say's, see clearly.
      God bless all………….

    7. Lana Yashina says:

      So good, thank you. I've noticed on many occasions that modern psychotherapy and psychology in fact takes a lot from eastern philosophy and yoga.

    8. Yoga With Kalidasa says:

      I have had many yoga students tell me how much their practice helps with their mental attitude.

    9. spartjovic says:

      So, I've been trying to get an answer for this for a while. I eat healthy doesn't work, have tried Yoga didn't work, have been working out hasn't worked so far, I take colder showers – cause apparently it's better for mental health (hasn't worked). Can someone please explain to me how this is possible?

    10. Anzu love says:

      Oh? So it isn't just stretching, there's psychological connection to it. I see. And Christians in favor of yoga just say it is stretching.

    11. ash pook says:

      I have had anxiety and a lack of emotional resilience for years… we can blame our life changes but it was fundamentally my way of coping that needed adjustment. I have been an intense exerciser for years and while this keeps me strong and healthy, it doesn't work as well as yoga when you're having a 'moment'. The practice of yoga itself concentrates on patience (holding the poses and working on becoming more flexible), emotional resilience (staying in the pose when you want to come out of it) and breathing which isa mechanism that really does work… you MUST have faith in the breathe, its work is impressive!!!!!!!

    12. Celida Zuniga says:

      The practice of breathing in yoga is very interesting, the technique in breathing transport me far away, it help me when I am under water diving.
      Thank you

    13. Carl Piaf says:

      Terrible video that sheds zero light on scientific studies of yoga. I'm a yoga practitioner, science and psychology teacher and this video provides very little information about the "science" of yoga. The inclusion of Bruce Lipton is an insult to yoga and those that practice it. This is pseudoscientific nonsense that anyone serious about understanding the science of yoga, meditation or exercise should avoid. Its categorisation under Comedy is pretty funny though.

    14. Senpai says:

      Make a genuine video without having a hint of mockery, you fuckers, cause this thing really helps !!

    15. TheObserver says:

      Out of the 200 sutras of Patanjali Yoga, only one is about physical postures. These are just the basic fundamentals for something larger, to eliminate the boundaries between is, going beyond the physicality and experience the whole cosmos as a part of ourselves, as one.
      Please don't just stop at the physical activity. It is important but not the only thing about Yoga.

    16. Big Bird says:

      This is a brilliant video, very well done. Thought-provoking.

    17. John H says:


    18. Earthlight says:

      All these yoga practices are of the devil . Turn to Jesus instead , He takes away all your pains and anxiety . Notice that people who turn to yoga they right away are pulled into new age which is another tool of the devil . Stop this BS and go TO JESUS .

    19. John wayne says:

      I'm 56 years old and I'm becoming stressed out trying to achieve the half lotus position

    20. Gokce Ozer Eroz says:

      Cat your channel is amazing! I'm a big fan of it and your videos increased my practice a lot. Could you please do more chair yoga practice or wall propped one. Thank you so much for your effort and sharing…

    21. Emma Emma says:

      Yoga leaves me feeling so good. So easy and fun and makes me feel so strong and alive !

    22. Forma says:

      How does yoga make you less depressed??

    23. Rachel Mokry says:

      This is so awesome and I've learned so much!! I agree…Yoga is not only a hobby…It is a lifestyle! Thank you for such a wonderful scientific explanation!! xoxo

    24. Gamer Cat 36 says:

      I'm a relative beginner at Yoga having come to practice daily for the last 5 weeks. I came to practice because of terrible pain in my hips and hamstrings, to the extent where walking up stairs or hills was extremely painful, and the pain was waking me up at night. Pain medication and conventional physiotherapy had little effect and I was worried about long term pain medication use. I couldn't even put my socks on without pain.

      Eventually I hired a yoga teacher to come to my house and she recommended Yoga with Adriene for practicing between our sessions. After just 2 weeks I began to notice some serious benefits. I am doing an average of a 15-20 minute practice every morning. After 5 weeks, I have noticed the following changes:

      Every muscle in my body, from head to toe, has gained strength and flexibility. I have significant reduction in pain to the extent where I haven't used medication for 3 weeks. I can look over my shoulder without pain and can put my socks on standing up (so my balance is improving too, I've NEVER been able to do that!). Yesterday was a great day because I skipped up the stairs without thinking, then burst out crying with happiness because I can't remember the last time I was able to do that! My hamstrings are still tight and I know it's going to take time for them to feel completely normal, but every day I notice little things that would have caused me pain before, no longer do. My posture and silhouette are both improved (being 50, my figure was getting a little saggy and my posture was ALWAYS poor).

      But the effects are mental as well as physical… I seem to be organically making better choices when it comes to food, and I'm drinking more water too. I use the breathing to calm and ground me when I'm feeling stressed, I am just happier all over because of the reduction in pain and I feel proud of my achievement of actually showing up at my mat every morning. I feel a huge shift in my psyche from being worried and stressed about a future filled with pain, to feeling younger and actually excited about my life. I never would have believed these changes would be possible after such a short amount of time so if you're reading this, what do you have to lose by giving it a go?

      I'm now on a mission to tell anyone who will listen…. give Yoga a try. My yoga teacher says if you do Yoga once a week, it will change your mind. Do it twice a week, it will change your body. Do it every day, and it will change your life.

      Love and light to all

    25. Kahlil Rieber says:

      I wish there weren't so many business minded teachers out there. It's too easy to mix up mentorship with manipulation.

    26. Star gazer Wolf says:

      Please forgive me for being this way. But the commentator Sharon Gannon was wrong in giving misinformation on the reason Lord Shiva has given us Yoga. It wasn’t a reaction to urban areas or the treatment of animals. Watch history of Yoga on you tube or do research.

    27. Star gazer Wolf says:

      Sharon Gannon is giving misinterpretation of the creation of yoga. Lord Shiva gave us this for awakening. Not a reaction to urban areas or treatment of animals. Watch history of yoga to get a better understanding.

    28. Glitterbug says:

      I honestly wish we saw more people of color in this video. More people from the land. I understand this is the "Science" of yoga but I'm sure there are some people of color who have actually LIVED this life, their entire lives and also know of the science. I could be wrong… I'm just tired of seeing white people explain shit to everybody.

    29. Brenell Hornsby says:

      Blessings from The Source to all who never needed this mans "science", bio-medical research, and machines to look into, or feel into a body to know what will work and what will not. The need for the west to use machines because the particular genotype cannot use the body to discover the answers is both sad and deceptive!