This Migh Be The Wildest Boat Race On Earth

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All over the world, the humble little dinghy boat is a safe and simple introduction to boating for millions of people. Not in the town of Renmark, on the banks of South Australia’s Murray River, however. There, in the otherwise sleepy town of just 8,000 souls, they like to strap souped-up outboard engines to their little dinghies and then race them at speeds of up to 80kph in a race that since 1981 has grown a deserved reputation as one of the fastest and wildest events on the water, the Riverland Dinghy Derby.

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    19 Responses to This Migh Be The Wildest Boat Race On Earth

    1. jerry says:

      Cool stuff…

    2. Uncle J says:

      It's only one word.
      Crazy !

    3. Fool OnTheHiLL says:

      I love that! I just bought a 1959 AlumaCraft 14foot awesome old boat with a punchy
      feisty little 15 hp gamefisher motor and it rocks at about 25 mph

    4. lovelessissimo says:

      Now this is pod racing!

    5. Lobo Lobato says:

      Pinche deporte contaminante. basura, trash, waste and garbage

    6. dani kim says:

      lol where can I join at?

    7. crazypolite says:

      Just waiting for the 'Red Bull sleeping' competitions that I'll have yet to learn of

    8. tuber says:

      now THIS is POD RACING

    9. TOTO 2t says:

      Para que es el weon del frente?

    10. Mike Cook says:

      Pffft.. I do this in the dark during duck hunting season. Gotta beat the other guys to the good spot

    11. John Brown says:

      Alligators be like Damn, The other Dinosaurs are back!!

    12. REALLY CREZY says:


    13. Luckyable luckyable says:

      Thems some crazy white boys

    14. 이현수 says:

    15. Matthijs van Emous says:


    16. Gregory Ashton says:

      River Racin’
      Oh Red Bull why are you so cooh? Droppin’ the g’s is so cooh – I wish I was like you

    17. Cesar I says:

      where are the crocs & gators

    18. Boat Lover2 says:

      Send it!!

    19. Ty Jackson says:

      That's wild? need to get out more… Obviously have never seen Jet Sprint Boat racing….