Thrasher V3 TACKLES the DAM – Jet Boat Bashing! | RC ADVENTURES

IS there MORE POWER?! Thrasher V3 TACKLES the DAM - Jet Boat Bashing! | RC ADVENTURES

Streamline RC has been building and designing their worlds first “Basher Boat” for 3+ years.. and their latest 2019 version (the v3) is nothing short of spectacular. (a Boat made to take abuse!) BUT – their claim of 20% more thrust.. has intrigued me. Every year (every version) I have gone to the canal and tried to battle my way up the current. If this boat truly does have more thrust – then it should make short work of the incline. I have had many boats of a variety of manufacturers . and no “prop” boat can make it in this white water.

One of the amazing things about this jet boat, is that the designer has also installed an onboard power bilge pump that jettisons any onboard water it senses (yes, it has a sensor onboard) – outside the boat within a matter of moments. The time varies depending on how much water the boat has taken on. Once the water is empty, the bilge continues to work 30 seconds past the moment of “empty”.. to ensure that the boat is constantly free of any extra weight.

This boat is designed to self-right. It achieves this by taking on water when it is upside down. It is perfectly balanced so it rolls over within a matter of seconds! No more having to swim after a boat that you may lose if it didnt flip over, and empty itself!

I am running this boat on a “MaxAmps” 6s 25v lipo Charge.. 5450 mah. (the run time is approximately 20 minutes of constant use).

The boat I am running is the “RCSparks Splatter” version with all of the upgrades. Its pretty expensive.. and no, Im not getting a “kick-back” on sales. I just wanted to have an opportunity to endorse a product that I truly believe in. Scott Pennestri is the engineer and designer of the Streamline RC Thrasher Jet Boat. His passion and heart that has gone into this project has been inspiring to me, and to see his customer service and product in action is an example of what businesses that care about customers SHOULD BE. The RCSparks brand has always worked to ensure the audience would have the VERY BEST… and this is what Scott and I are showcasing here today.

No Maintenance needed?! Pretty much.. the hydrostatic bearing means NO Grease Needed!! Grab your boat and go…!

There are a variety of Streamline RC V3 Thrasher Jet boats to choose from. Each one of these selections are AMAZING.. hands down. But, realizing that not everyone has the ability to get into a top model, the V3 comes in 3 different flavours with 3 different price points.


Replaceable Hull Parts, and seemingly bulletproof skid plates – makes this one of the (if not THE) toughest boat on the market to date.

These things cost money to make.. because they are built like tanks.

Everything was designed for brute power, strength agility and endurance. There is no boat like it.

I endorse this product whole-heartedly…

Good Luck Scott.. I hope the people see why this is such an amazing boat! (Folks – there are MULTIPLE different options, and Decal Packs too!)


Thrasher V3 Replacement Parts

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    2. Electric man Plus says:

      Jst got h102 it’s fast!!

    3. Spaming Sparrow says:

      i might buy the #1 boat right now

    4. S34N says:

      i already have H102

    5. John Mackey says:

      And can up grade the motor to 370 size for the rookies

    6. Louie Schweizer says:

      where can i get them from

    7. Debskie Ebon says:

      How much sir?

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      Before even watch this video I had the number one boat

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      My rc baort is the blue one not the 4 baot tho o crap i have the 1 .,.

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      Number 6 looks alot more powerful than 5

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      traxxas boats are about 10 times better than all of these

    13. TheTechMag says:

      Best 6 RC Boats 2018
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    14. Patrícia sandi Sandi says:

      But where do we get ir at.

    15. Patrícia sandi Sandi says:

      It is a great boat love your boat.

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      Saya beli

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      All the Salmon out there are proud of you.

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      I build at home remote control speedboat, and I tried to make a boat look like a Lamborghini
      I hope you like it Please don't forget Like and subscribe

      Soon a boat test video

    19. Tony Short says:

      Jets rc boat are fast

    20. Brezen Pereyra says:

      I wish I had a boat but I would only want a 3s one.

    21. Gabrielle Harris says:

      With these kind of waves I agree you'll need a lot of speed and power

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      Can I have one jets ske

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      I'd like to fish there

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      you should try that with the traxxes sparten

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      boat more

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      Too cool, great video.

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      very good

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      Where is this canal?

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      Bro I need one of those because that is super thruster