Tiny House Sizes: The Rules, What’s Legal and How to Shop for Property

Until my quest to find property for a tiny house I had NO idea so many tiny house people are like squatters on their own or other people's property. I've been learning about code enforcement and building permits and the rules regarding size and where we can place tiny houses… IF we can place them anywhere at all! Legally that is! We are the renegades of the home owner world!!! Who would have thought it?
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What’s it really like to live in a tiny home? John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, hosts of FYI Network's “Tiny House Nation,” know better than anyone. Giffin built his own tiny home and now he travels across the country helping others “go tiny.” It starts with decluttering your life and ends with smart, creative designs measuring less than 500 square feet. These aren’t your typical homes – they’ve got everything from dining tables that fold into doors to hidden storage underneath floor boards. Read this article to find out more about living tiny: http://bit.ly/1FAxpqX

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