Top 10 Notorious FBI Most Wanted Fugitives

It’s always nice to be wanted… unless you’re on the FBI’s most wanted list. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the most notorious fugitives ever listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Check us out at, and

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    18 Responses to Top 10 Notorious FBI Most Wanted Fugitives

    1. The Black Sheep says:

      Where is the Green river killer

    2. Flying Phoenix says:

      For those who are going to immediately assume that Angela Davis was a terrible person, she was a civil rights activist, and a strong supporter of Martin Luther King Jr, it’s not just criminals and murders on this list.

    3. Royal Flame says:

      Rip Dr. king

    4. Andrew Naylor says:

      Bin laden is the best black ops player lol

    5. Emvisha says:

      Disgusting people. Nevermind, I meant disgusting sickening mf’s who don’t deserve to be called ’people’. These sick psychopaths make me furious.

    6. The Notorious says:

      NUMBER 1

      That kid that gave you a unblocked website

    7. Daddy dave says:

      Funny how bin laden is on here saying he's dead, but he's not

    8. 1qaz2wsx says:

      7:08 well it just happened lol

    9. HeisenSaul says:

      No Andrew Cunanan? He was the most wanted man in America for 8 days and killed again while on the list.

    10. allisonivey says:

      It takes lots a money to hide these ppl not going be easy to find them

    11. Mohammed Mergany says:

      Where is RYMOND REDDINGTON???

    12. Victor Winters says:

      Um, Charles Manson?

    13. Jamine sony Morgan says:

      What about Alen Mahmoud the 1993 bombing of the world trade center bill Canton was the US president Then

    14. Avril plays says:

      It’s nearly xmas that’s why his name is Rudolph xD

    15. CCHL Media says:

      Wtf where was Pablo esabar

    16. Richard Alvarez says:

      Y el chapo

    17. J T says:

      wheres the rothschild and rockefellar? and george sorros?

    18. 4th Doctor Jelly Babies says:

      When I see the thumbnail