Top 10 Worst Non-Fatal Nascar Crashes (1990-2009)


Top 10 Worst Non-Fatal Nascar Crashes (1990-2009)

This is a REMAKE that I made of my Top 10 Worst Non-Fatal Crashes video. I also put a bonus clip at the end (warning: fatal crash). You wont be rickrolled, and I feel I’ve made several other improvements. It is a bit loud. This is my opinion of the top 10 worst non-fatal Nascar crashes from the 90s through the 00s, with the all time worst crash (fatal) at the end. Your choices may differ. The runners up were Neil Bonnett’s 1993 Talladega flip, Darrell Waltrip’s 1991 Daytona Flip, and Davey Allison’s 1992 Pocono flip. Other crashes in consideration were Keselowski’s 2007 California crash, 2002 Busch Series Talladega big one, and Jimmie Johnson’s 2000 Watkins Glen crash. The first song is T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt and the second song is No Remorse by Metallica. Credit goes out to ps3issweet, burtonfan2, CrashCarnageVid, Ceer123, dangerzone24, nascargavin8, Mikey2448, MRDPainter, raceguy92, cotter548, and minirod2007.

Here is the link to the old version if you still want to watch that:


Best NASCAR Video Games Of All Time

The voting has been completed and here are the results of the voting. When there were ties, I used my own judgement to decide what place they would fall in.
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    40 Responses to Top 10 Worst Non-Fatal Nascar Crashes (1990-2009)

    1. coreyandy5 says:

      How is 09 35th it's really good on ps3 great career mode way better TNN 08 when you can't steer on ps3

    2. Brady Cruickshank says:

      R.I.P NASCAR 06 my xbox broke and its stuck in the disk tray.

    3. kingmatt334 says:

      Nascar 2005 deserves a lot more respect than 17th. That game is Awesome

    4. Juan jimenez says:

      Lucky meh cuz I gotz mah ps2

    5. Matt L says:

      personally dirt to daytona and nascar thunder 2004 are the best but i havent played all of those games

    6. Ben Davis says:

      Really 2011 was #2! I thought it was a step down from Nascar 09 which that game was not that great (I actually think it being toward the bottom was accurate) So what makes 2011 so great? there's no Nationwide or Truck series which the later EA games had, there are no challenges, and there is no fight to the top mode. Its just bare bones I want more meat to my NASCAR game. My personal favorite is Nascar 06. I love the teammate mechanic and love the fight to the top mode its the best ive played.

    7. Ben Davis says:

      yeah 04, 05 and 06 are probably my personal favorites in the series. I also like 98 as it was my first ever NASCAR game. Its more nostalgic than gameplay.

    8. Aditya Rasyid says:

      EA Sports makes a crappy NASCAR games.

    9. MARYLAND 7675 says:

      NASCAR the game:INSIDE LINE?

    10. JRRacing64 says:

      I'm not sure Iracing and Gran Turismo counts as NASCAR games. They are racing games with Nascar stockcars in them.

    11. XuticX says:

      5-Nascar 07
      3-Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup
      2-Nascar Thunder 2003

    12. manoliss cosigga says:


    13. manoliss cosigga says:


    14. Grizzlygaming88 says:

      This video fucking sucks #14 #11 #9 and #3 should be 1 2 3 and 4. Nascar 2011 sucks 

    15. CookieCrumbler D says:

      I feel that Nascar 06 and 07 should be bounced into the top 5. Because lets face it… Nascar 06 was way ahead of its time.

    16. ALGAMING 3 says:
    17. ALGAMING 3 says:

      NASCAR 2004 thunder #1 nascar 2006 #2 that's what it should be

    18. YFourteen says:

      NASCAR 09 should have been MUCH higher. 08, Kart Racing, and especially 2011 were too high.

    19. Montrealcanadiansfan says:

      wow.. no inside line..

    20. Ethan Males says:

      iracing has good stuff but the crash physics suck nr2003 had the best crashes ever!

    21. Robin Åberg says:

      Dale Earnhardt did die from that crash, not in the crash itself but at the hospital later, rest in peace

    22. micky mouse says:

      good tunes n i was at a few of those

    23. Austin Bullis says:

      Dude the Geoff bodice one was in the 2010 truck series opener in Daytona 

    24. Brandon Harris says:

      +Austin bullis Geoff bodines wreck was in 2000 not 2010.

    25. Cj santiny (xLobbyGaming) says:

      I was there for the Carl Edwards crash at talladega

    26. Scott Wright says:

      You, sir, are a sorry f**** piece of shit. May you burn in hell. I'm not even an Earnhardt fan, but for you to title this video "non-fatal" crashes and then end with Earnhardt's fatal crash in 2001 shows that you have no morals, decency or respect for the dead. A pox on your house, you b****.

    27. Sentic Twister says:

      number 8 is the crash from cars isn't it

    28. Cj santiny (xLobbyGaming) says:

      And recongaming they didn't have neck braces at the time

    29. Cj santiny (xLobbyGaming) says:

      And +recongaming that didn't have neck braces at the time

    30. USxGraboidxMC says:

      Tremors 2 song!

    31. Mark Epps says:

      Non fatal?????really!? think again 

    32. Derpyturtle 111 says:

      Crash #9 was fatal Dale Earnhardt actually DIED!

    33. ford44rules says:

      I thought u said this was non fatal crashes

    34. awesomekidwithtoy says:

      I know none of these are fatal, but #2 definitely looks like the poor guy died

    35. Matthew Valentine says:

      no matter whait he was the bestR.I.P. dale

    36. Matthew Valentine says:

      no matter whait he was the bestR.I.P. dale

    37. Matthew Valentine says:

      no matter whait he was the best R.I.P. dale

    38. Matthew Valentine says:

      no matter whait he was the best R.I.P. dale

    39. not so aVerage Gamer says:


    40. TechFreak2516 says:

      Lol,@ 0:43 is it just me,or is this the movie "Cars" remake scene?