Vanlife Vlog 019 – Lake Havasu Balloon Festival & Laundry

Went to the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival and did some laundry!

Hi! My name is Karli and I love to travel!
I didn’t go to college but have instead saved up for different travel adventures. I am currently on the road living in my 1994 Dodge Ram Van! I love my lifestyle and hope you enjoy my videos as I journey into the sunset 🙂

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If you would like to support me the easiest way is to let the ads on my videos play through. Another way is if you want to purchase anything on Amazon(it doesn’t have to be the items I have linked) you can use the camera gear links to get onto Amazon and buy anything you want and I will benefit!

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    11 Responses to Vanlife Vlog 019 – Lake Havasu Balloon Festival & Laundry

    1. Fredrick Rourk says:

      Beautiful Smiles is the channel changing to Balloon Life? You going to fly away?

    2. Mr Majestic says:

      I think those ballons are cool…was hoping to see them fly. 😉

    3. Bob Rob says:


    4. nikko buford says:

      Love your videos! Keep on giving valuable information

    5. Susan CA says:

      Just seen interview Ausia did with you. Please tell me 2 Solar panel names, battery and how much. Thanks!!

    6. grizzlydiscjockey111 says:

      Bummer they didn't fly. Maybe tomorrow? Stay safe Karli.

    7. Fredrick Rourk says:

      Check these vans…real horse power 🙂

    8. CincyPlasmaTech says:

      No BFUIs on that day!

    9. MSM Adventures says:

      I'm enjoying watching your videos and learning how you do things.

    10. A sailor and his dog SlyKnight says:

      I like the fact you know where your going when you rise, that looks like a lot of fun, a desert parade of floaters. That was a worht while day, time for a nap. this sailor is out…….

    11. Stone 86 says:

      Hi Karli 🙂