Crown Impressions Silver Round

This vintage silver round from 1985 features a stunning dragon design by Crown Impressions. The round is composed of pure .999 silver and weighs 1 ounce. Made in the United States and issued in 1985, this collectible piece is a great addition to any bullion or coin collection. Its round shape and intricate design make it a unique and valuable item for any silver investor or dragon enthusiast.

The Vintage 1985 Dragon Crown Impressions 1 Ounce Pure .999 Silver Round was manufactured in the United States. Crown Mint, which produced these silver rounds, is an American mint known for creating various collectible and commemorative coins and rounds.

See this awesome vintage 1oz silver dragon round by clicking here!

Silver coins, like the Vintage 1985 Dragon Crown Impressions 1 Ounce Pure .999 Silver Round, are prized by collectors for their intrinsic value, historical allure, limited availability, and numismatic significance. These coins, featuring captivating dragon motifs, make excellent investments and gifts. Explore our eBay store, AuctionGreatFinds or HavasuSurplus, for more remarkable items! 🛒🐉✨.

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