What are the Benefits of Yoga?

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This week on WellCast, we're going to introduce you to Yoga and go into an exercise that will have you focus on deep breathing and gentle stretching. We'll also show you why even just a few minutes of yoga a week will make you more mentally alert, happier and healthier. Ready?

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In this twice-a-week show, we explore the physical, mental and emotional paths to wellness. With an emphasis on education, the show addresses both the latest trends and long-standing practices of wellness—everything from the efficacy of the gratitude experiment to the importance of sunshine and vitamin D. Follow along as your host, Kate, guides you through a bi-weekly journaling exercises that helps you apply what you've learned. The ultimate goal: one year, one show, one journal, one collective journey to wellness.

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Sadhguru answers a question on the health benefits of yoga and explores exactly how yoga helps you stay healthy. He speaks about the energy body and its role in maintaining physical and psychological health, and explains how maintaining the vibrancy of the energy body ensures a healthy life.


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/the-health-benefits-of-yoga-how-yoga-helps-you-stay-healthy/

Sadhguru: Essentially, if your energy body is balanced and fully activated, there can be no physical or psychological ailment in you, it’s simply not possible. I can show you hundreds and thousands of people who walked out of their ailments completely, simply – not by any treatment – simply by bringing a certain balance to the system.

There are any number of people. It’s not some kind of a miraculous thing, it is just a deeper understanding of the system and the system is a miracle, there’s no question about that. This is a miracle, isn’t it? No? Yes or no? It’s a phenomenal miracle, isn’t it? So the magic is already there, you just have to play with it right, that’s all. You don’t have to do any extra magic. Already everything is magical, isn’t it so in the existence? Yes or no? Every atom is a magic by itself because we’ve still not figured anything in its entirety. So very simple, you don’t have to do any great yoga of twisting yourself upside down and all that. Simple things; if you breathe right and keep your body in a certain level of balance, you will see there is no need to have any kind of ailments.
Ailments are of two kinds – one is infectious; infectious means it’s an invasion from outside. That we have to deal with medicine – for that you must go to the doctor. But over seventy percent of the ailments on the planet are chronic in nature. That means you are producing your own ailment, self-help this is called. [Laughs] Because nobody is bothering you, you want to do something to yourself. So, most… over seventy percent of the ailments are because of self-help. People are generating ailments from within and this cannot be cured by any medicine. You can only manage it, you can never cure it but the very source of making this body is within us, it comes from within. Your heart, liver, kidney everything from…manufactured from within, isn’t it? If you do certain simple things, if you allow, fixing also happens from within and every human being is capable of this. It’s just that they’ve never paid attention to it. Only advantage is if you go to a doctor, he will do it; these things you must do, that’s the only problem.

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/the-health-benefits-of-yoga-how-yoga-helps-you-stay-healthy/


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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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