Why all DIY Kayak Navigation Light Solutions are Illegal (USCG)

Why all DIY Kayak Navigation Light Solutions are Illegal (USCG)

Paddlers! Watch to the end since I cover lighting requirements beyond the flashlight that apply to you! Hey! Don't shoot the messenger… I am reporting the rules as explained to me by the USCG Navigation Systems Office – the group that owns the rules – and the Coast guardsman behind the desk at your local USCG station may not fully understand the actual requirements. As the Field Editor for Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine, I had the assignment to write up the best DIY kayak USCG compliant fishing navigation light solutions. I was stunned with what I discovered as I completed my research with the USCG Navigation Systems folks. Basically, every DIY navigation light solution on YouTube is illegal where the USCG regulations apply (coasts, waterways up to 2 miles wide, and many freshwater areas as well like the Great Lakes) as are many of the lights commercially sold as navigation lights. I explain why in the video. Sorry it is longer than I typically upload, but the subject is complicated.. Before commenting, please watch the entire video as I know I am kicking an ant hill with this video. Remember… I coordinated everything with the USCG and am happy to take your position back to them if it has merit.

Finally, your state may have rules that add to the basics from the USCG.

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