Why fighting The Corona Virus Depends On You – Must Watch!

See Why It's Important To Stay Away From Others In Public Places

There's a reason why everything is shutting down. The reason is that this is a very serious germ that can kill you, your friends and your family if you don't take this seriously enough.

It has already killed thousands of people and many more will die. But we can slow the rate at which is spreading by following certain guidelines. Please, don't think of this as a hoax or a joke. Do your part to help by following what the experts are telling you. Stay at home as much as possible and stay away from others when out in public. They say at least 6 feet, but more is better as not everything is known about this virus.

Watch the video below as it is very informative. Follow me on Twitter as I will be sharing these videos there and you won't miss any of them. God bless and stay healthy and safe…

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