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Hi Vee loves! Here’s another yoga video as requested!
More to come!

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-Celi Vee

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”
Charles Dickens

Yoga is still regarded as a hippie practice in France. I had tried one course of a very still meditation class that was labeled “Yoga” and discarded it as I found it boring.

Fast-forward 2 years later. When I moved to Australia, I felt like trying it out again. Down under, it’s actually really trendy. I was lucky enough to come upon

One year later, here’s what I learned from it. I find each of the lessons has been relevant for me on and off my mat. They are all insisted upon by every single professor I’ve come across, however different they might be.

However hard and strong classes might be, they always start slowly. Teachers are mindful to transition us smoothly into the practice to help avoid injuries. But before even warming up the body, we warm up the mind. We are asked to set an intention for our practice—do we want to be gentle to ourselves, kind to ourselves, do we want this specific session to be relaxing or rather challenging. It can be whatever we want it to be.


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    1. Beezy760i says:

      This ain't got shit to do with yoga, she ain't got no clue what she doing. Thus is a attention getter that's it that's all

    2. Shad Ali says:

      Ohhh my GOD ur sooo beatifull and looking very hooot.
      But pease make one more video but show ur back to front of camera please when u make dogy style than show back to camera

    3. Manuel Tenorio says:

      No es ni yoga ni posesiones sexual es en traje de baño

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    5. Aldo Absalon says:

      Hola buenas noches me gusto la forma en que haces los ejercicios

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    7. Luis Hernandez says:

      Ya me la imajino esta chava unas c toda la noche

    8. henry cuestas says:

      So hot

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    11. Jay Miranda says:

      Llo quiero deso Mami

    12. Antonio Juarez says:

      Mamasota rica te miras bien sabrosa

    13. Marco Antonio Rodriguez says:

      Eres puuuuutaaaa

    14. سلتوح 97 says:

      اذا ادرب يمج اسبوع انكطم من الجلق