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Ferrari on Instagram

People that follow me or I follow on Instagram There are some beautiful pictures and stories on Instagram. Sometimes you discover people to follow base on their story or the pictures they post. Below I will be posting some of these people for you to discover and possibly follow. Some … Continue reading

Kim Kardashian on Instagram Pic And Videos

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Are you a fan? Click on view profile and start following one of the most popular celebrity on Instagram. You can view some other pictures or post comments on her page and you can watch some videos below.   < @kimkardashian View this post on Instagram   A … Continue reading

Overcome Fear – Do Something That Scares You

Overcoming Fear

Posted on Instagram I’ve heard this before from many sources. If you have fear of doing something, then the only way to get over that fear is to actually do it. I have a fear of heights, yet I have been to many high places. The more I do it, … Continue reading