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Why does everyone make it so hard to make money? Probably because they don’t believe that you can make money with a simple, easy and fun way… that is until they see this method which I’m about to introduce to you… Hello I’m Tony Quintela and i’m a member of … Continue reading

The Second Presidential Debate Recap – Cartoon Strip by Joey Alison Sayers

The Cartoon Art of Joey Alison Sayers Joey Allison is a super talented cartoonist. You can checkout a sample of his work below. It really is funny stuff. I have subscribed to his list because I really enjoy these cartoons. From what I seen many of them are based on … Continue reading

Weight Lifters, Muscle Builders How To Get A Stronger More Muscular Physique

how to get stronger and build bigger muscle

If You’re Not Focusing On The Bench Press… You’re Missing Out On A Ton of  Muscle and Strength That Could Be Yours!     If you want to be stronger, build more muscle and get a stronger physique then you need to do some research and find out the right … Continue reading