Mixed Bag Of Bass Fishing Deep Man Made Structure || 50 State Fishing Tour (Lake Havasu CA)

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Kayak Bass Fishing Lake Mead 5 31 2018 Camera got shut off after 1st

Check out the lure I was using directly on Amazon https://amzn.to/2Nk28Ae Kayak Bass fishing lake mead. Callville Bay. Just outside of Las Vegas Nevada. Caught them on a Whopper Plopper. I am still new at videoing. I accidently turned off camera right after catching my first bass this day. I … Continue reading

Kayak Fishing – The 3 GOLDEN Rules

Subscribe for FREE FULL EPISODES online on CarbonTV: http://bit.ly/1vfvUJX Jim Sammons provides three key rules that will help kayak anglers avoid those embarrassing moments that we can all do without. For all your kayak fishing needs visit HOOK1 Kayak Fishing http://www.kayakfishinggear.com Book a kayak fishing trip with Jim Sammons: http://www.jimsammons.com … Continue reading

Kayak Fishing 101: EPISODE 2 “Choosing the Right Kayak”

There are soooo many fishing kayak choices! How in the world do you narrow it down to the kayak that will work best for you? Well, its easier than you think so don’t fret! In this episode I discuss just how you can quickly identify the few models that will … Continue reading

How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak

Subscribe for FREE FULL EPISODES online on CarbonTV: http://bit.ly/1vfvUJX When getting into kayak fishing, there are a lot of fishing kayaks to choose from. In this episode, Ken Whiting explains how to select the right fishing kayak for your unique needs. For all your kayak fishing needs visit HOOK1 Kayak … Continue reading

How to Choose a Fishing Kayak

In this episode of the Kayak Fishing Instructional Series, Jeff Herman discusses how to choose the right fishing kayak. Produced in partnership with the American Canoe Association: http://www.americancanoe.org For more great videos, subscribe to Kayak Fishing Tales: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=KayakFishingTales Produced by Heliconia: http://www.helipress.com Video Rating: / 5